Why get your Beard Trimmed

March 23, 2018

Regular beard trims are a must for keeping your face mane looking and feeing sharp. Its best to let a professional cut and shape it especially as it has taken you so long to get to this stage, you really don't want to end up hacking away at it. You wouldn't cut your own hair so would you set upon your beard with scissors.  


We understand that your first visit for a beard trim can be a bit of a nervous one. After all, our beards are our pride and joy and we know that better than anyone and you really don't want someone messing it up. So its good to know that we specialised in all things beards Sweeney has been rocking one for years and his dad even longer, so there really isn't much he doesn't know about beards.


He are a few tips for those new to beards and why beard trims are an important for beard maintenance and growth. 


Your beard grows on average one and a half inches per month. 


Let your beard grow for at least 3 to 4 weeks before you get it trimmed, this will give you time to see how it fills out.


It will also be a bit itchy at this stage and this is when a beard oil can be be applied to help to reduce this. You could also invest in a beard balm at this stage to keep it under control.


Visiting a professional to get your beard trim is beneficial even if your beard is on the shorter side as it helps shape your beard resulting in a balanced and more proportional look and finish.


Our Beard Trims start from £4.50 get Booked HERE





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