Growing the Perfect Beard

March 1, 2018

With all this talk at the Sea Dogs Barbers shop about Beard Oils we thought we would explain the importance of them and why they are worth investing in. 


If you want a softer than soft beard, then invest in a beard oil the lady in your life will thank you too, being kissed isn't that pleasant with you rocking a coarse, rough, spiky beard its like being attacked by a brillo pad, after a few days she will be begging to run her fingers through your silky, smooth beard.


The main oils used in beard oils have skin and beard hair hydrating properties, Jojoba oil is pretty much the closest oil to our natural skin oil sebum that you can get, don't worry about putting it on your skin Jojoba is great at clearing up break outs and why it is perfect for beard oils. The biggest benefit is that it gets rid of beardruff that dry flaky skin under the beard. Argan oil is used in higher end beard oils and has so many benefits on both the skin and hair due to all the goodness it contains. It prevents split ends and can even encourage beard growth, it hydrates both the skin and beard hair we could go on but believe us always check to see if this oil is present as it really is a beards best buddy. Its doesn't end there with the oils. Added to these are Essential Oils they are used to fragrance the beard oil but also have some amazing benefits on skin and beard hair. Take peppermint as an example this smells great but also speeds up blood flow encouraging your beard to grow faster.


Thats the techy stuff out of the way. Now the when and how to use this beard nectar.


So you brought an oil, you like the smell it has great skin and beard nourishing oils now what! You should start using a beard oil every day after deciding to grow a beard, this will help stop the itchy stage of hair growth and stop you from reaching for the razor, it is at this stage must guys give up and shave it off. 

Put about 4 to 5 drops of beard oil into the palm of your hands rub together and apply to your beard don't forget to massage into the skin under the beard its important to get the skin here hydrated, this prevents beardruff and itching. Once you have a good coating of oil on your beard, brush through with a beard comb this will help to distribute the oil evenly through your beard. Now step back and admire that beard in the mirror it should have a light sheen and look pretty damn good. Remember to keep using your beard oil every day once you have achieved the desired length to keep your beard in top condition. To keep your beard in top condition don't forget to get it trimmed regularly this will encourage growth, remove any split ends and thicken the end of the beard. 


If you want any advice about growing, maintaining or shaping your beard get in touch with Sweeney at the Sea Dogs Barbers or book an appointment he likes to talk beards!!


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