Traditional Ear Hair Singeing at Sea Dogs Barbers

February 22, 2018

Josh has over 10 years barbering experiencing and has learnt a few skills on his recents travels around, Asia, New Zealand and Prague cutting hair. He is brought some of these to Sea Dogs Barbers and ear singeing is one of them. 


What is ear singeing? To put it basically its a way of removing those annoying little hairs on the ear using fire.. Its not as extreme as it sounds. The technique started off in the Middle East and has been used for centuries to remove stray hairs, it has now found its way to Europe. Singeing was offered as part of a shave or hair cut service by travelling men that visited towns, 


Why Fire? It removes hair from hard to reach places where mechanical tools cannot. When ear hair is trimmed, it can fall into the ear, which causes infection. With singeing, the hair is gone straight away. 


Get booked in with Josh at the moment he is offering this service for free with all his haircuts BOOK HERE

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