Beard Oil of The Week: Beardilizer Sweet Pipe Tobacco

February 4, 2018



This week we launch of our " Beard Oil of the Week".  


Sweeney will pick a beard oil and this will be used throughout the week to give you a taster of each beard oil we stock.


This weeks oil is Sweet Pipe Tobacco by Beardilizer.  A manly fragrance with a distinctive roasted scent of fresh tobacco. Giving a strong beard game smell. 


Not only does you beard smell great but there are so many benefits from using Beardilizer Beard Oils:


Hydrates and nourishes skin and facial follicles 


Conditions the beard for a healthier, shinier look 


Revitalises and protects skin and facial hair 


Protects your face against irritation and itchiness 


Softens facial hair for a softer, more supple beard 


Enriches facial follicles adding more body to your beard 


Morrocan Argan Oil : Fortifies and protects facial skin and hair. 


Jamaican Castor Oil : Adds volume and encourages hair growth and density. 


Australian Eucalyptus Oil : Renowned for its refreshing and cleansing properties. 


Greek Rosemary Oil : Protects skin follicles from impurities and UV rays. 


Italian Grape Seed Oil : Hydrates the skin, protects against rashes, and provides a healthy sheen. 


Greek Olive Oil : Rich in Vitamins E and K, it promotes younger-looking skin while providing added softness and shine to your beard. 


California Jojoba Oil : Protects from harmful UV rays, reduces skin irritations and softens hair. 


Soybean Seed Oil: Rich in Vitamins A, D, and E, this oil revitalises the skin and encourages denser and thicker hair growth.


Now on sale at the shop £20.50 for 75ml

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