Pick 'n' Mix For Dudes

February 3, 2018



We stock a wide range of products in our Sea Dogs Barber Shop and we are always on the look out for more. We have recently added Beardilizer, Brass Knuckle Brand and Beard Doctor to our arsenal of awesome grooming products. 

All the ranges we choose are hand pick for being individual and offering something different. The dream is we become a destination site for geezers to come and pick n mix there products. Like the sweet shops back in the day when we were kids. 

Women have had this luxury for way to long and with male grooming becoming a multi billion pound industry worldwide it is the proof we need that men are starting to spend a bit more time and money on themselves. So why not have a corner of the shop dedicated to this. The social stigma of men looking after themselves is slowly dissolving and why the fuck not who really wants to look there age anyway and who wants to have to roam around Boots trying to find that small selection of male grooming products on that dusty bottom self. We want to make looking for these specialised products easy for you. 

We are gonna introduce you slowly to a beard oil  each week, with our "Beard oil of the Week" as we really wanna shout about what we stock and why we picked it. 

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